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Deliberate practical applications of the self-regulating power of creative consciousness. Applicable to healing individuals, raising collective awareness, and regulating global environmental issues.

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Your questions about self-regulation
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Interviews with the founder
What is self-regulation exactly? Application levels: individual (healing), collective (creating a new society), and global (addressing environmental issues)
The difference between collective meditation and collective governance (or concentration)
About The Founder
With over 30 years of experience working with self-regulating systems and teaching them to thousands of people worldwide, I have created a system of practical exercises that every person can learn and make use of.
Absolutely everyone can become aware of the creative power of their consciousness and learn to heal their own body, their energy, and their soul. Everyone can thrive and create positive events in their lives.
I have seen again and again that people are absolutely capable of create their own happiness, health, and destiny.

Boris Boitschenko
Founder, International Center of Global Self-Regulating Systems
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The concept of the new civilization
Watch the video from one of our collective concentration work meetings where Boris explains the concept of the new civilization. Boris speaks in Russian, his first language. Everything he says gets translated into English in this video.

00:00 - The civilization we live in and the damage that needs repair.

10:50 - Demonstration of the model of the civilization of the future

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A human being
as a self-replenishing system
We are all one. Mankind is one whole organism, where every human being is a cell.
Every human being is connected to the Source energy. A human body consists of trillions of cells, and each of them has consciousness. Healing one cell, one organ, or one area in the body can help the entire organism heal. You can learn the exercises to apply the self-regulating principles to (re)connect with the Source, replenish every cell with divine energy, and protect & repair the DNA.
Heal yourself and help others heal.

becomes the foundation to steer events and get your life in order. If We Take A Look
We need to treat humanity and every human being with extreme care, meaning we should not allow any diseases in the organism. Self-regulating systems teach how to take care of one's health and inner state, as well as how to quickly eliminate disease.

People who can apply this knowledge, can teach and help their loved ones to heal.
What is a disease?
We need to consciously embrace the need for the new course of human development. It's based on the natural Laws of Creation, understanding the mission & purpose of each human, and cultivating qualities and traits pertinent to humans who are aware of the creative power of their consciousness.
It's a result of a dysfunctional relationship between the peripheral and the central nervous system.

For example, let's imagine that a liver decided to become independent and disconnect itself from the central governance system. The liver will not win. On the contrary, the whole organism will start dying, many processes in the body will fail and cause circulatory and metabolic disorders. There should be no thrombosis in the body, cells should not get destroyed, tumors should not form for it to thrive. A human organism functions as one unit in harmony; it is a balanced, stable, and self-replenishing system. What we see today is that the "brain" – the central governance system of humanity - makes decisions that cause suffering, segregation, and lead the entire civilization to decay.
When we speak about the governance system, i.e. about the "brain", the central nervous system, we need to understand that information and memories about all events are recorded not in the neurons of the human brain, but rather in the energy & information field of the brain, i.e. in the aura. It is usually depicted as a halo in many holy images. Emanations from all people on Earth form the "brain" of humanity, the noosphere (the field of thought encircling the Earth), from where all processes on Earth are being governed. This field connects with the fields of the Solar System, the Galaxy, and the Universe.
Modern civilization was created artificially; all the Laws of Nature and of the Source were purposefully disobeyed. We're witnessing its downfall. And it's about to collapse because it's seriously ill (all its parameters are flawed).
However, every disease can be overcome, and the way out is knowledge & understanding. Every human being is capable of acquiring the knowledge to heal themselves and steer processes and events, both in their individual lives and in the global collective.

The noosphere of Earth (the field of thought) is connected with Nature, and everything that happens to humanity is reflected in how the Earth reacts and behaves. The Earth is a living organism.

Recovery can happen on all levels; there is a chance for people to move to a different state and a different dimension: from inhuman principles to human ones, from destruction to life, from ugliness to beauty, from ignorance to knowledge, from poverty to abundance and wellbeing (see. "building the new civilization").

People's desire for power, wealth, and superiority of one person over another, one country over another, one group of people over the entire humanity – this diagnosis means death.

Wars and events that cause human deaths trigger its self-destruction mechanisms: volcanoes start waking up, earthquakes, floodings, hurricanes, and tsunamis occur; huge ozone holes form in the atmosphere (ozone depletion increases the amount of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which increases genetic and immune system damage); the threat of a meteor or an asteroid destroying life on our planet becomes real. Currently, the world doesn't have a planetary defense system that can steer celestial bodies and thus protect the Earth. All they can do is send a warning.

The quality of people's consciousness is in direct correlation with the existing global catastrophe. Playing with the Laws of Nature and with humanity, planning the mass killing, creating biological weapons and other means of mass destruction will inevitably cause the death of the planet. And no one, including the ruling elite, will be able to escape.

No one is allowed to break the Laws of Nature.

The only way out is to embrace the new course of civilization, which is based
on developing the best human qualities and principles, which are at the core of the new global governance system and the self-regulating systems that work in accordance with the Laws of Nature.

Our international group has already worked out the methods of collective governance to steer global events (environmental & planetary events) that allow for getting out of the crisis and the disease and instead – they lead to a rebirth of the civilization.
Do the practice described in the video below to learn to connect to the Source energy
and contribute to the conscious creation of the new world.

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